Octopus Energy Reviews

Octopus Energy has garnered attention and praise for its approach to customer service, pricing, and renewable energy offerings. Reviews and analysis from various sources outline a comprehensive picture of what customers can expect when choosing Octopus Energy as their supplier.

Customer Satisfaction and Service

Octopus Energy has been highly rated for its customer service, with a notable percentage of its customers expressing satisfaction with the clarity and accuracy of bills. The company leads in terms of the speed at which it answers calls, often picking up in five minutes or less for a significant portion of its customers. Moreover, Octopus responds to online or email inquiries promptly, usually within one day​ (Expert Reviews)​. The energy provider has been consistently recommended by Which? for several years, highlighting its outstanding customer service and the value it provides​ (Nuts Money)​.

Awards and Recognition

The company is no stranger to accolades, having won multiple awards for customer service, value for money, and its commitment to renewable energy. These awards include recognition from Uswitch, The Institute of Customer Service, and the Renewable Energy Association, underscoring Octopus Energy’s industry leadership​ (Nuts Money)​​ (Octopus Energy)​.

Renewable Energy Commitment

Octopus Energy stands out for its 100% green electricity, sourced from renewable resources like the sun, wind, and water. This commitment to sustainability is part of what has earned Octopus Energy a reputation as a forward-thinking and environmentally responsible energy supplier​ (Octopus Energy)​.

Innovative Tariffs and Services

Octopus offers a variety of tariffs tailored to different customer needs, including flexible tariffs, fixed rate plans, and special tariffs for electric vehicle owners. The company also provides a rewarding phone app that helps customers manage their accounts, track energy usage, and even participate in energy-saving sessions to earn credits towards their bills​ (Nuts Money)​.

Customer Rewards and Incentives

The provider runs its own rewards scheme, Octoplus, offering various benefits such as free energy during the greenest times on the grid and other incentives to encourage energy saving and efficient usage​ (Household Money Saving)​.

Potential Concerns

While the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, some areas of concern include the speed of refunds and adjustments to account credits. As with any rapidly expanding company, there’s the potential for customer service to be strained, though this hasn’t been a widespread issue for Octopus Energy so far​ (Household Money Saving)​.


Octopus Energy’s blend of competitive pricing, customer-focused services, renewable energy commitment, and innovative offerings makes it an attractive option for consumers looking for an energy supplier. Its awards and customer reviews speak to a company that not only meets but often exceeds customer expectations, offering a model of how energy companies can operate sustainably and responsively in today’s market.

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