Can I Use a Broker to Help Me Find the Best Energy Rates, and What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

The landscape of energy providers can be a challenging terrain for business owners to navigate. Between various contract types, fluctuating market rates, and ever-changing business needs, finding the most favorable energy rates can become a daunting task. This has led many business owners to consider using a broker to simplify the process. But is this … Read more

How Often Should I Review and Possibly Switch Providers to Get the Best Rates?

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Is There a Difference Between Business and Residential Energy Rates?

In the labyrinthine world of energy pricing, it’s not uncommon to find people asking, “Is there really a difference between business and residential energy rates?” The short answer is yes, there is a difference, and the nuances can impact your bottom line if you’re a business owner. Whether you’re running a startup from your home … Read more