Scottish Power Business Contact: Your Gateway to Energy Solutions

In the realm of business, having a reliable channel of communication with your energy provider is paramount. Scottish Power, being a reputable energy supplier in the UK, has set up dedicated contact channels for its business customers, ensuring that assistance is always a call or an email away.

Dedicated Contact Channels

For existing customers or businesses new to Scottish Power, reaching out for inquiries or support is straightforward. You can connect with the Large Business Sales team via the following contact number: Customer Direct – 0800 074 0052. This line serves as a direct channel to discuss your energy needs, report issues, or seek guidance on any relevant matter.

Prompt Customer Service

Scottish Power values its business customers and strives to provide prompt and effective customer service. Whether it’s a billing query, service disruption, or energy efficiency advice, the customer support team is ready to assist.

Email Support

In addition to the phone line, email support is also available for more detailed inquiries or at times when a phone call may not be convenient. While the specific email address for business support wasn’t available, you can visit the Scottish Power website for further contact information and support.


Scottish Power’s dedicated contact channels for business customers are a testament to their customer-centric approach. The availability of a direct contact number ensures that businesses have a reliable channel for communication, ensuring their energy needs are met efficiently and effectively.

(Note: The contact information was gathered from search results. It’s advisable to visit the official Scottish Power website for the most accurate and up-to-date contact details.)

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