Octopus Energy Tariffs

Octopus Energy offers a range of tariffs designed to cater to different needs, emphasizing both smart technology and renewable energy. Their tariffs are specifically tailored to support low carbon technologies like electric vehicles (EVs), solar panels, battery storage, and heat pumps. They also provide options for those without smart technology, encouraging energy consumption during cheaper times to save on costs.

Smart Tariffs Overview

  1. Octopus Tracker: This tariff follows the wholesale price of energy, changing daily and allowing customers to benefit from price fluctuations.
  2. Intelligent Octopus Go: Aimed at EV owners, offering super cheap smart charging and six hours of cheap home electricity at night.
  3. Octopus Go: Provides four hours of cheap electricity a night for your home and car, suitable for all EVs and home chargers.
  4. Outgoing Octopus: For those with solar panels or batteries, offering a smart export tariff to sell back energy at competitive rates.
  5. Cosy Octopus: Designed for homes with heat pumps, optimizing energy use when electricity is cheaper.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Tariffs

Octopus Energy has developed tariffs specifically for EV owners to make charging at home more affordable:

  • Intelligent Octopus Go: Offers low rates for smart charging plus six hours of guaranteed cheap, green energy every night, compatible with over 280 cars and chargers.
  • Octopus Go: Guarantees four hours of cheap, green energy every night at a slightly higher rate than Intelligent Octopus Go, but works with all EVs and home chargers.

Both tariffs aim to optimize EV charging for the greenest and cheapest times, potentially leading to significant savings for drivers.

Tariff Eligibility and Installation

Eligibility for certain tariffs, like Octopus Go, requires having an electric car and a compatible home EV charger. The company supports connection to second-generation (SMETS2) meters and some first-generation (SMETS1) smart meters. The process involves checking meter compatibility, possibly waiting for a smart meter connection, and agreeing to terms and conditions via email.


Choosing the right tariff depends on your specific needs and the technology you have at home. Octopus Energy encourages prospective customers to consider their energy use patterns and available technology to select the most suitable tariff, ensuring savings on energy costs while supporting renewable energy sources​ (Octopus Energy)​​ (Octopus Energy)​​ (Octopus Energy)​​ (Octopus Energy)​.

For more detailed information on each tariff, including pricing and how to switch, it’s best to visit Octopus Energy’s official website or contact their customer service.

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