Npower Business Contact: Transition to E.ON Next

In the evolving landscape of the UK energy sector, the transition of Npower customers to E.ON Next marks a significant change. Npower, once a standalone entity, has merged with E.ON, a move designed to streamline operations and enhance customer service delivery. Consequently, Npower Business customers are now part of E.ON Next, which comes with a new point of contact for all inquiries and support needs.

Seamless Transition

The transition to E.ON Next is aimed at ensuring that former Npower Business customers continue to receive reliable energy services without any hitches. This move is part of a broader strategy to consolidate resources, improve service delivery, and enhance the customer experience.

New Contact Channels

With this transition, Npower Business customers are advised to reach out to E.ON Next Business for all their inquiries and support needs. The contact number is 0808 501 5699, available from Monday to Thursday, 9am – 5pm, and Friday, 9am – 4pm. Additionally, customers can send an email to for support. This new contact information ensures that the communication lines remain open and responsive, facilitating a smooth transition and continued support.

Customer-Centric Approach

E.ON Next is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, and this transition embodies that commitment. By providing clear and direct channels of communication, E.ON Next aims to ensure that the needs of former Npower Business customers are met promptly and effectively.


The shift of Npower Business to E.ON Next marks a new chapter in the provision of energy services to UK businesses. With new contact channels in place, customers can look forward to continued support and a customer-centric approach to service delivery, ensuring their energy needs are met reliably and efficiently​1​.

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